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With the largest selection of private fund strategies and co-investment opportunities, we offer our institutional members a one-stop solution for all their private market investment needs.

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Wide selection of quality investment opportunities 

Because your clients deserve only the best, we make sure that all our fund managers go through a rigorous screening process before they hit your account. To guarantee such quality, we have partnered with the best advisory firms that provide a fully independent assessment of all our suppliers.

Interact, learn, decide

Investing in private markets is much more than just numbers on a termsheet, it is first about people. Using interactive tools that help you connect with a network of experts and advisors, you can choose the level of due diligence to apply to your targeted investments based on your company’s unique requirements.

Liquidity management solutions 

By leveraging our fast growing price database of thousands of private fund investments across 27 countries and 11 currencies, our secondary marketplace will give you the best possible price for your existing fund stakes. All requests are 100% anonymous and non-exclusive to give you all the freedom you need to select your buyers.

White-label solution that makes your company stand out

For our members conscious to differentiate their offering and stand out from the crowd, we have developed a white-label solution that allows you to better communicate your investment ideas.

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